YFY Group- Audit and Organization Optimum Team (AOOT)


  • To be the top audit team.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of YFY Group operating system.
  • To support the establishment of systematic and preventive control.
  • To review and simplify operation procedures as well as set control points and control mechanisms within operation process.
  • To optimize YFY Group organization via process improvement.

2.Management and Operation System

  • Internal audit (IA) includes participating and supervising the effectiveness and appropriateness of internal control for the company and subsidiaries, providing audit results and suggestions to Board of Directors and the management to improve internal control quality.
  • To form a centralized management system in order to integrate audit procedures and audit techniques, as well as implement risk-based project audit mechanisms.
  • To ensure high quality audit standards, including:
    - Risk-based audit.
    - Enhancement of sampling method and computer-assisted audit techniques.
    - Process optimization and feasibility improvement.
    - Rationality of recommendation completion date.
  • To play an independent role; provide the transparency to management regarding the company level issues.
  • To actively be a coordinator among organizations to provide advisory services; implement the best practice and establish preventive control mechanism.
  • System implementation/enhancement advisory.
  • To support Group investment and tax analysis, as well as provide related advisory services.

3.Vision structure

05. 內部稽核管理(英文圖)



4.Organization Structure

YFY Group- Audit and Organization Optimum Team (AOOT) is an independent unit directly reported to Board of Directors. AOOT includes Group Chief Audit Executive and five AOOT Unit Heads via an established cross-organization mechanism; which showed as below:

  • Finance & Operation Audit Unit
  • IT & Operation Audit Unit
  • China Audit Unit
  • Project Audit Unit
  • Organization Optimum Unit