Promoting Ethical Corporate Management

1.Unit Responsible for Ethical Corporate Management

To implement sound ethical corporate management (ECM), our HR Department has been given the responsibility of establishing and supervising our ECM policies and prevention programs, and reports to the Board of Directors on a yearly basis.

2. Main Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of our ECM unit are to:

  • Assist other departments in integrating ethical and moral values into the company’s business strategy and formulating ECM-related prevention measures and a system of checks and balances in line with existing laws and regulations.
  • Plan ECM-related prevention programs that include relevant standard operating procedures and behavior guidelines.
  • Supervise and assist in optimizing the internal organization, structure and management of each department, and set up a system of mutual checks and balances to target activities with higher ECM risk factors inside the parameters of the company’s operations.
  • Promote and coordinate ECM policies and training.
  • Establish a reporting system and monitor the effectiveness of its implementation.
  • Coordinate with the Board of Directors in supervising senior management’s review and assessment of whether the implemented ECM-related prevention measures are operating effectively, and periodically produce evaluation reports on the progress and compliance of relevant business processes.

3. Results

Each year, we engage in ECM-related education and testing, actively implement ethical values and integrity, and strengthen our corporate governance and risk management to deeply embed our ECM culture into all employees. Our company had no incidents of unethical behavior in 2018.

4. Access to Ethical Corporate Management Grievance System:

  • Complaints
  • Complaints Line:+886-2-2396-8020 ext.1395
  • Complaints Fax:+886-2-2322-7809
  • Complaints Letter : Please send it to Human Resources Dept., YFY Inc.