Core Value


We insist on sustained business operations to guarantee a safe and stable work environment and livelihood for our employees and strive to contribute to a steady development of society to fulfill our corporate role as a social citizen. We also pursue the principles of environmental sustainability and actively employ technology to make the best use of our natural resources, developing and selling products that are beneficial to our health and the environment.

Environmental Protection

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our products, production processes, and technicalities in an effort to meet international standards. We also aim to create green business opportunities and upgrade our different business areas based on revolutionary thinking and practices.


We embrace the concept of social responsibility and endeavor to make lasting and meaningful contributions to society. We also continually adjust our involvement in social welfare activities based on current social demands. We firmly believe that social welfare should be aimed at those in need and actively promote an organic use of resources. Our goal is turn our social concern and activism into an organized, systematic, self-supporting and continuous involvement.


We are firmly convinced that there should be a clear standard for proper conduct for every situation and we therefore value trust and honesty in our business and personal dealings


We strive to implement a strict and rigorous management system that is based on firm discipline


We put great emphasis on every single step and detail and rely on a factual approach to problem solving. We also believe that it is necessary to proceed step by step instead of resorting to empty slogans and setting unrealistic goals. We prefer a down-to-earth approach in our quest for perfection.


We place equal importance on all business areas and strive to continually improve our productivity, product quality, and product range in an innovative spirit. We implement a clear division of duties with well-delineated responsibilities and select problem solution strategies that are based on a clear understanding of core issues. 


We are never satisfied with the status quo and always strive to acquire new knowledge and achieve constant improvements. We firmly believe that a progressive spirit, familiarity with the latest trends, and transformations that are based on new technologies are indispensable to enhance individual and organizational competitiveness.