Consumer Products

YFY introduced the first sheet of modern, industrially produced toilet paper in 1946, marking a new era for household paper products in Taiwan. In 1968, the company launched “Mayflower”, an independent brand that paved the way for YFY's presence in the household products market in Taiwan. They then developed the first sheet of embossed tissue paper in 1972. During the 1980s, YFY further introduced automation to its manufacturing process and produced the first pull-up tissue paper in Taiwan. In 2004, the company acquired the P&G Qingshui Plant and added the “Tender” and “Delight” brands to become the largest manufacturer of household paper in Taiwan. In 2007, the department began operating as Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd., an independent subsidiary. As a leading brand in the household consumer products market in Taiwan, YFY’s production and sales operations span across both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Its four primary production sites are in Qingshui, Yangmei, Kunshan, and Yangzhou, and sales channels encompass retail, commercial, and e-commerce.