Consumer Products

YFY entered the tissue paper market in 1968 with its own brand, “Mayflower”, paving the way for the company’s development in Taiwan’s household products market. In 2004, the company acquired the P&G Qingshui Plant and added the “Tender” and “Delight” brands to become the largest manufacturer of household paper in Taiwan. In 2007, the department began operating as Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd, an independent subsidiary. As a leading brand in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, its production and sales cut across both sides of the Taiwan Strait. With five major production bases, in Qingshui, Yangmei, Kunshan, Beijing and Yangzhou, and sales channels that include retail, commercial and e-commerce, it is committed to becoming a leading all-round consumer goods company in the Greater China region.

The Consumer Products Group’s two main products lines are household paper and cleaning products. To satisfy the needs of different demographics, household paper is divided into the “Mayflower”, “Tender”, and “Delight” brands, while cleaning products feature the “Orange House” and “FreshSense” brands. The Consumer Products Group strives to produce high-quality household products that have the power to touch people’s hearts, so that it can become the YFY business group closest to the daily lives of consumers.