YFY Forward 

YFY Forward is one of the key initiatives of our comprehensive staff development program. Featuring a two-year training plan, learning evaluations and practical guidance, the initiative is designed to strengthen staff application of professional and managerial skills to cultivate the kind of experts and managers that YFY needs.

We hope to recruit elite staff with strong potential to join the initiative and build a wonderful future together.


Management Associate (MA):

Recruitment Target:

  • Education:Bachelor's Degree
  • Languages:Fluency in English (speaking/listening) or other second language
  • New graduates welcome, with relevant work experience under 3 years preferred
  • Proactive, highly flexible and capable of working in high-pressure situations, pursues excellence, and strongly motivated to succeed 


Associate Engineer:

Recruitment Target:

  • Education:Bachelor's Degree
  • New graduates and/or those open to be assigned overseas welcome
  • Highly flexible and capable of working in high-pressure situations



Please submit your resume to: