China Color Printing

Company Profile

China Color Printing was established in 1961 with the stated goal of satisfying the high-quality printing demands of its customers.

China Color Printing produces a large variety of books, painting reprints, and financial securities. Notable examples include the “Taiwan Review”, a magazine published by Taiwan’s Government Information Office, collector’s volumes published by the National Palace Museum and the National Museum of History, classic collections from the National Central Library, reprints of old books and paintings, stamps and albums issued by Chunghwa Post. Other types of publications printed by China Color Printing include “Business Weekly” and other periodicals of various disciplines, a wide range of books, as well as calendars for China Airlines and many other public and private organizations. The company serves customers across Europe, the US, Japan, and other areas around the world.


A recipient of the National Brand Yushan Award and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award, China Color Printing is dedicated to creating detailed and eco-friendly printing products through professional grouping and consistent production processes. In 2001, the company obtained the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications for its quality management and environmental management systems. It also won a printing excellence award from National Geographic Magazine in 2002, a Golden Award from the Amalgamated Printers’ Association in 2003, and received the SoySeal Ink Certification from the American Soybean Association in 2004, demonstrating the company’s full entry into eco-friendly printing processes. In 2008, China Color Printing became the first in the Taiwanese industry to receive the FSC-COC certificate and CWA safety stamp printing approval, cementing its place as the leader of eco-friendly printing in the country. In 2014, the company obtained its G7 Master Qualification for color calibration, and in 2016 acquired the ISO14298 certification for its security printing management system.

China Color Printing is one of the top companies in the printing industry both domestically and abroad, standing out from the crowd with its professional, exquisite, and precise printing quality.

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