• 1924

      Ho Jei Lai Trading Company
      Mr. Ho Chuan, and his brothers, Mr. Ho Yung and Mr. Ho Yi, established Ho Jei Lai Trading Company., a company in their father’s name. The company mainly dealt in fertilizers, sugar, and grain.

    • 1934

      Yuen Foong Corporation was established and the business went corporatization.

    • 1950

      Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd Established
      The first paper manufacturing plant located in Jioutang Village, Dashu District in Kaohsiung. The plant manufactured one-side coated paper and Kraft paper, and the company is widely regarded as the pioneer of privately owned paper manufacturers in Taiwan.

    • 1960

      Developed the First Domestic Coated Paper
      Successfully developed and mass production the domestic coated paper to replaced the imported products resulted to YFY's leading position in cultural paper market.

    • 1966

      Merged with Yuen Foong Paper Co., Ltd. ( The company located at No. 21 Gushan 3rd Rd., Kaohsiung City)

    • 1968

      Chung Hwa Pulp Co., Ltd
      In response to the investment policy in the east coast, YFY invested CHP in Hualien city. In the same year, the company constructed Taitung plant to manufacture coated white paper board.

    • 1972

      Merged with Guo Guang Paper Co., Ltd.
      Manufactured the first embossed tissue paper in Taiwan.

    • 1977

      YFY shares listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    • 1980

      Established Taiwan's first Paper Manufacturer R&D Center
      Established Taiwan's first and the only paper manufacturer R&D center, focus on the paper manufacturing technology innovation and development.

    • 1986

      Launched "10 Billion Grand Vision Investment Plan"
      ˙Established the company's paper industry foundation.
      ˙Cultivate and training talents for the company.
      ˙Launch strategy of business diversification.
      Step into paper packaging manufacturing business
      Taoyuan packaging plant commenced production.

    • 1987

      Yangmei plant commenced production to elevate competitiveness in the household paper product market.

    • 1988

      Issued the first exchangeable bond in Taiwan with the shares of YFY subsidiary Chung Hwa Pulp Co., Ltd as underlying stock.
      Issued the first Convertible Preferred Stock in Taiwan
      Merged Yuen Foong Yuan Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    • 1989

      Issued the first Foreign Convertible Bond.

    • 1990

      Completion of the Xinwu Mill for the production of Kraft paper.

    • 1992

      Invest in Technology Business. Invested in E-Ink as the pioneer company in LCD panel industry.
      Design and manufactured CHP's No. 2 paper dryer machine and commenced production.

    • 1993

      Extended Footprint to China.
      Built plants started from Guanzhou, Kunshan to Xiamen to developed southern China market. Built household paper plant in Kunshan. Invested Guangdong Dingfeng Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd for pulp market.

    • 2000

      Joint investment with Chung Hwa Pulp in Ding Feng Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. in Guangdong province.

      Step into Organic Diet Industry : Set up Yuen Foong Yu Biotech Co., Ltd. to develop organic diet in Taiwan and China. Through the various channel such as retail shops, door to door delivery, organic restaurant to promote organic diet to consumers.

    • 2001

      Invested in TaiGen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
      Invested in incubate pharmaceutical R & D company, TaiGen Biotechnology, as the leading company in Taiwan Biopharmaceutical industry.

    • 2003

      Expand Investment Portfolio into Biomedical Business
      Set up YFY Biotech Management Company and form a consulting incubate team for the investment evaluation and business operation of biopharmaceutical industry.

      The subsidiary Laiya Co. signed a purchase agreement with P & G Taiwan to acquire Qinshui plant.

    • 2004

      E-ink listed in Taiwan OTC board.
      Set up YFY Paper(Vietnam) Co., Ltd as a step into the Vietnamese market.
      Set up subsidiary YFY Paper Manufacturing( Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. Officially enter China's containerboard manufacturing industry.

    • 2005

      Containerboard and Package Paper Division spun off and renamed YFY Packaging Inc.
      The first e-reader device using e-paper launched in the market and E-ink supplied the key component -- e-paper.
      Laiya company was renamed to Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co.,

    • 2007

      Consumer Product Division spun off into Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd.
      Signed strategic alliance memorandum of cooperation with Japan's Nippon Paper Group, Inc.(NPG).

    • 2008

      Expand Technology Business Further.
      YEON Technologies Co., Ltd. established Asia Pacific RFID Certification Center, which is the only RD center that qualified by EPC Global in Asia.

      Acquired the first FSC certification for forest management in domestic paper manufacturing industry.

    • 2009

      YFY Packaging Inc. established an Packaging Examination Center and it was certified by a international organization from Taiwan Accreditation Foundation(TAF) to be the only ISO/ IEC 17025 containerboard packaging lab in Taiwan.
      Acquired Jupiter Group, one of the top-three packaging and brand design companies in the USA, and established YFY Jupiter.
      Acquired a leading company with technology of Electronic Paper Display (EPD) and e-paper R & D and mass production company, E Ink Corporation (EIC) USA, , to further expand the development and sales footprint of e-paper.

    • 2010

      Acquired Arizon RFID Technology (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd.
      Established Yuen Foong Yu Blue Economy Natural Resources (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. to utilize agricultural straw in the biopulping progress.

    • 2012

      Transferred Paper and Paperboard Division to Chung Hwa Pulp Co., Ltd., which streamlined pulp and cultural paper under the same management team.

      YFY INC.
      Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. renamed to YFY INC., the investment holding structure established.

    • 2013

      After 12 years cultivation and development, the new eco technology of nPulp commenced production in Yangzhou plant.

    • 2014

      The technology of nPulp, recycling agricultural by-product to produce pulp, won Edison Award from the USA.

      Established YFY Shop to develop a platform for e-commerce and monetary service.

      Arizon RFID Technology (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. commenced new plant.

    • 2016

      Shin Foong Specialty & Applied Materials Listed in OTC market.

    • 2017

      New factory of Eco-friendly cleaning product, Orange House, commenced production in Taoyuan.

      Shin Foong Specialty & Applied Materials Listed in TWSE board.

    • 2019

      The largest biogas power generation facility in Taiwan commenced operation in Xinwu Plant.

    • 2020

      2020 YFY Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. became the first company in the global paper industry to acquire BS 8001 Circular Economy certification.

    • 2021

      YFY Academy is established to focus on renewable materials, renewable energy and digital intelligence.

      YFY CPG Listed in TWSE board.

    • 2022

      Established Carbontech & Management Group

    • 2023

      ENSILIENCE and Chunghwa Pulp jointly build the Taiwan's first behind-the-meter energy storage system in co-generation power plant.

      Arizon Listed in TWSE board.