Guangdong Dingfeng Pulp and Paper

Company Profile

Guangdong Dingfeng Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 in Guangzhou, China by Chung Hwa Pulp Corp., YFY, and the Guangning State-owned Management Co. through a purchase and sales for pulp manufactured in the Guangning region. The company officially commenced operations in 2001, producing high-quality products in line with international standards, including Mixed White Bamboo Kraft Pulp (MBKP) and Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp (BEKP). Its products are ideal for the manufacturing of premium paper for reading and writing, daily-use, or industrial purposes, and have achieved widespread market recognition and praise.To stabilize the acquisition of raw materials, Guangdong Dingfeng invested in the establishment of Zhaoqing Dingfeng Forestry Co., Ltd. in 2006. With sustainable development as its goal, Zhaoqing Dingfeng is committed to the balanced development of the environment, society and economy, and currently owns and self-manages 72,000 acres of forest area. To implement the group’s integrated forestry-pulp-paper cycle, Zhaoqing Dingfeng has invested in two daily-use paper production lines with a total annual capacity of 50,000 tons. Fully operational in 2016, the new lines have further elevated the company’s competitiveness through vertical integration.

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