Company Profile

MiCareo, Inc. is a precision medical platform development company co-founded in 2011 by the YFY Group and a team of experts from the University of Washington in Seattle. The company combines the results of international research institutions with Taiwan’s expertise in optoelectronics, semiconductors, precision machinery design, and biotechnology R&D capabilities to commercialize rare cell diagnostics technology and develop clinical applications. The aim is to address the existing gaps in medical diagnostics and achieve greater precision in medical treatment and health management.

MiCareo specializes in microfluidic chip design and system integration, which are used to conduct rare cell isolation and analysis. The company currently offers a cancer detection kit that utilizes microfluidic technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of circulating tumor cells as an early detection tool and prognosis tracking indicator for metastatic cancer. This information can then be used for developing treatment and evaluating efficacy to achieve an individualized precision patient care program.