Arizon RFID Technology

Company Profile

Arizon RFID Technology Co., Ltd. provides professional RFID solutions and outperforms peers in design, packaging, and production processes. We set new benchmarks for the RFID industry with advanced production equipment and the highest production processes standard, which have been certified by international RFID organization. We are the world’s largest RFID ODM with over 5 billion pieces capacity a year in 3 operation sites located in Taiwan (Taipei) and China (Yagzhou).

Applications of our products are numerous, including event and transportation tickets across various countries, smart luggage tags for aviation, merchandise inventory management and anti-counterfeiting, and as well as steel factory production management. Arizon RFID Technology Co., Ltd. continues to tailor RFID products for major international customers thanks to strong global recognition of our independent research capabilities and superior products which meet the highest standard in the industry. Our products will also work as part of customers’ IoT management solutions.

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