YFY is characterized by an integrated production chain covering upstream (forestry, pulp), midstream (paper manufacturing), and downstream (printing) operations. The vertical integration of the forestry, pulp, paper manufacturing, design, and printing processes yields significant synergistic effects, making YFY one of the top 50 largest paper manufacturers in the world.

The Printing Group comprises China Color Printing, Shen’s Art Printing, and Yuen Foong Paper. China Color Printing is the largest commercial printing business in Taiwan, and is a recipient of a printing excellence award from National Geographic Magazine. Shen’s Art Printing specializes in printing services for cultural and commercial purposes and uses an ERP system to integrate all printing processes. Yuen Foong Paper primarily provides trading services for paper and related materials, digital printing solutions, and anti-counterfeit measures for financial securities. It is the first company in Taiwan to pass the security protocols for European money-printing presses.