Hsin-Yi Foundation

The Hsin-Yi Foundation was established in 1971 through a donation from the founder of YFY, Mr. Ho Chuan, whose courtesy name was Hsin-Yi. The Preschool Education Research Center was established in September 1977 as the first institution in Taiwan that was dedicated to the promotion of preschool education.

Based on its mission of cherishing the childhood of each child, the center promotes early childhood education for 0-8 year olds and strives to establish a parental support system that is centered around early childhood education. Our services range from publishing, parent-child education, early childhood education to social concern and setting trends.

The Hsin-Yi Foundation set up the first publishing company in Taiwan that focuses on illustrated books and toys for young children. The foundation also created a prize for early childhood literature to promote the creation of literary works in Chinese for young children and stimulate reading habits among young children. This organization also aims to provide the public with more knowledge about preschool education and encourage parents to continue to learn and grow through child-parent education programs. It advocates an educational concept that is based on learning through discovery and child-centered education.

In 2006, the Hsin-Yi Foundation launched a campaign called "Bookstart" that included the handing out of free gift bags of books by public libraries in local towns and villages, as well as the training of library personnel and volunteers to give them the ability to provide reading guidance to infants and young children. Special reading areas for infants and young children were set up in libraries and regular reading activities were organized for this age group.

Hsin-Yi has been active in the field of preschool education for over 40 years and accompanied thousands of parents, teachers, and children in their personal growth and development, promoting educational reforms. It is currently the most important organization in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan in the field of preschool education.