Life at YFY

Mr. Wu

Starting a journey

Working for a well-known enterprise is a position many new graduates look forward to. And now that I'm a part of the YFY family, Taiwan's top 100 companies, I am on the journey to realizing my dreams.

The long history of YFY has not turned it into an old fashioned corporation. From my observations here, YFY's implementation of the YES system inserted vitality in the workplace. From the managers to staff on the assembly line, from AM to LP, from basic 5S cleaning to LA analysis, everyone is full of positive energy and attitude. From establishing the YES system, all the employees are able to understand and implement AM and QP.

The team here to me is full of energy and ideas. Our proactive learning attitude of the YES system is not only a slogan, but also something that we can actually apply. We can now face any problem with a positive attitude; I guess this is something one can only understand after joining YFY.

"Live and learn" is a saying that I can relate to at the factory while learning the lessons of the YES system. While faced with challenges, we didn't quit but instead worked harder, because we knew the benefits of knowledge. Just like the 2011 profit and loss analysis, all of us learned from identifying the source of the issue, analyzing data and setting goals. We now understand from LA how to eliminate unnecessary loss from identifying opportunities. We are now accomplishing these issues, which were once difficult to execute.

Having said so much, I would rather you come and experience our plant in person, because only by visiting us, can you understand how wonderful this place is!