Life at YFY

Ms. Lee

Striving to be better

Time flies! I have been at the YFY plant for almost 2 months. It seems like only yesterday when I first arrive here. During my time here, I feel that the this team is constantly evolving and growing; with a management attitude of always striving to be better in regards to its customer service and quality control.

YFY is the pioneer of privately owned paper manufacturers, ranking at the top in the paper industry. But this has not made us arrogant, instead drives us to innovate, improve and develop international management strategies. Although we've been very successful, we have not forgotten to give back to our community, events such as "Christmas Books" are held for to book donations that remind us to cherish our resources and culture; a spirit that we can all learn from.

Working with an enthusiastic team allows me to feel right at home, contrary to what one might feel being a newcomer in a big corporation. I remembered a leader that once told me " be thankful to people, be responsible for tasks, and be appreciative to objects", a simple quote that I find infinitely useful.

The team spirit here also amazes me; every production process is like a team relay because everyone works hard and pushes forward to reach the goal. Every department is linked to one other, although sometimes we all engage in heated debates, the ultimate goal is for the benefit of the company. Everyone pitches in to create the best results in quality and safety.

Although the efforts made may not always be rewarded, one will not accomplish anything if no efforts are made. This is something I always tell myself, to do the best that I can. I hope in the future, I can be a contributor to the YFY Plant too.