Life at YFY

Ms. Huang

Safety first

July 27th was my first day at the YFY Plant, and I was nervous. After getting to know the environment, my training started. After the courses, I became more familiar with YFY and the factory. The following days, I was lead by my buddy Yi-Shan to slowly familiarize myself with the company.

First, Yi-Shan showed me the entire factory grounds including each department, to get to know the supervisors and staff. I also introduced myself to everyone. I am lucky to have a special name, as it allowed everyone to remember me easily. On the tour, I got to know the working environment and the production process, slowly forming a more solid idea of my responsibilities there. Although I have a background in Industrial Safety, I have no actual experience in this field; therefore I have to learn everything from the start.

Other than the daily standard operational procedures, there are often incidents where I didn't know how to deal with in the beginning. It was great to have colleagues that taught me the SOP for each issue until I could fully understand and apply them on my own. From my observations, everyone was busy with their tasks, and for a while I was afraid to cause problems for others. But now, I can handle most tasks on my own, and has since moved on to help others. Even though the daily tasks may seem insignificant, it brings me great satisfaction upon their completion. And it is by these small tasks, that I am slowly becoming a part of this team and culture
Now that I'm on track and the interactions within the office with my colleagues are great, I will work even harder to advance my learning and working efficiency. I hope in the near future, I can be apart of establishing the safety, environmental, and health related guidelines within our factory.