Life at YFY

Mr. zhong

A place to learn and grow

I'm delighted to join YFY's Household products Plant. Although it has only been two weeks since my arrival, all my colleagues have been very helpful and enthusiastic. The standard of safety and quality within the factory is very high, and the YES system allows the factory to become very competitive and better than ever.

My job is an assistant manager in the production center, responsible for the maintenance and management of machines and the production process.During my first days here, the senior staff are all very helpful and patient, teaching me everything they know. They are also very friendly, helping me out with all kinds of questions. If there is a machine that needs to be fixed, the staff will also make this to be a chance for me to learn. Allowing me to get to know the maintenance procedure even better.

Under the leadership of our director, safety is the most important aspect within the factory. Since there are trucks coming and going, designated safety routs are set up to separate cars and pedestrians, ensuring safety for both. There are also monitors at the front gates, allowing security to keep track of current factory safety status and accumulated work hours. Safety equipment must be worn prior to entering specific areas within the factory. Attention is also paid to the cleanliness and the aesthetics of surrounding environment. Giraffes are painted on the furnace walls, African plains are on papermakers, the machining division has painted butterflies, and many other beautiful corners all around the place.

I hope I can be a part of the factory activities in the future and get a better understanding of the Plant through interactions with everyone here. I hope to give my share of input to build a better company.