Containerboard and Packaging

YFY has been active in the market for paper containers since 1986 and established the independent subsidiary Yuen Foong Yu Packaging, Inc. in 2005. It is one of the two largest manufacturers of industrial paper in Taiwan and one of the largest suppliers of paper containers in the Greater China region.

The company is divided into seven regional production and sale centers: Taiwan industrial paper, China industrial paper, Taiwan paper containers, Southwest China paper containers, East China paper containers, North China paper containers, and Vietnam. The industrial paper department is responsible for the production and sale of high-quality kraft paper and corrugated paper, while the domestic and overseas paper container departments manufacture and sell high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, colored cardboard boxes and containers, food containers, and paper pallets. Production bases are spread throughout Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

In 2012, the company successfully developed nPulp, a unique agricultural straw pulping process that can replace waste paper raw materials, cut costs, and reduces carbon emissions, helping to achieve the corporate ideals of high value-add and eco-friendly manufacturing. The revolutionary technology has received various certifications in the EU, United States, and China, and was recognized with an Edison Award in 2014.