Material Information


On behalf of YFY Cayman Co., Ltd., YFY Inc. announced the Board’s resolution on the capital increase

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2022/11/10
2.Source of capital increase funds:
capital increase by cash from parent company YFY Packaging Inc.
3.Whether to adopt shelf registration (Yes, please state issuance period/No):
4.Total monetary value of the issuance and number of shares issued (shares
issued not including those distributed to employees if consisting in
capital increase from earnings or capital surplus):
USD 7,000,000/ 7,000,000 shares
5.If adopting shelf registration, monetary value and number of shares
to be issued this time:Not applicable
6.The remaining monetary value and shares after this issuance when
adopting shelf registration:Not applicable
7.Par value per share: USD 1 per share
8.Issue price: Not applicable
9.Number of shares subscribed for by or allocated to employees:
Not applicable
10.Number of shares publicly sold: Not applicable
11.Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock dividends to existing
12.Handling method for fractional shares and shares unsubscripted for by
the deadline: Not applicable
13.Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares:
The rights and obligations of the new shares issuance are the same as those
of the original shares
14.Utilization of the funds from the capital increase:
Working capital for business development in Vietnam
15.Any other matters that need to be specified:
The record date of the transaction is 2022/11/15

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