Material Information


YFY Inc. announced the Board's resolution of convening 2023 annual general shareholders' meeting

1.Date of the board of directors' resolution:2023/03/15
2.Shareholders meeting date:2023/06/20
3.Shareholders meeting location:5F, No.24, Sec. 1, Hangzhou S. Rd., Taipei,
Taiwan (GIS MOTC Convention Center)
4.Shareholders' meeting will be held by means of (physical shareholders'
meeting/ hybrid shareholders' meeting /
virtual-only shareholders' meeting):physical shareholders' meeting
5.Cause for convening the meeting (1)Reported matters:
a.Report of 2022 business & financial statements
b.Audit Committee report of 2022 audited financial report
c.Report of the cash dividend distribution for year 2022
d.Report of the employees & directors' remuneration for year 2022
e.YFY Global Investment B. V. reported the release of shares in order to
facilitate the listing of subsidiary Arizon RFID Technology (Cayman) Co.,
Ltd. in Taiwan
f.Report of the amendment Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings
6.Cause for convening the meeting (2)Acknowledged matters:
a.Ratification of operating reports and financial statements for year 2022
b.Ratification of earnings appropriation for year 2022
7.Cause for convening the meeting (3)Matters for Discussion:None
8.Cause for convening the meeting (4)Election matters:None
9.Cause for convening the meeting (5)Other Proposals:None
10.Cause for convening the meeting (6)Extemporary Motions:
Extemporary Motions
11.Book closure starting date:2023/04/22
12.Book closure ending date:2023/06/20
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:
A.According to article 172-1 of Company Act, if shareholders with over
1% holding would like to submit the proposals, the Company will accept
the proposals from 2023/04/14 to 2023/04/25. The place for submission:
YFY Inc. / Stock Affairs (14F, No. 51, Sec. 2 Chung Ching South Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan)
B.Shareholders may exercise their rights through electronic vote during
2023/05/20 to 2023/06/17. Please follow the instruction shown on the
website “stockvote” of Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation for

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